Spring 2024 coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine

Check if you’re eligible

NHS Scotland recommends you have the spring vaccine this year if you:

— are aged 75 years and over on 30 June 2024 (i.e. born on or before 30 June 1949)
— live in a care home for older adults
— are aged 6 months or over (by or on 31 March 2024) and have a weakened immune system

NHS Scotland will contact you with information about your appointment or with information on how to book. Please wait to be contacted.

If you previously chose to be contacted digitally, you’ll receive a text or email. Otherwise, you’ll receive a letter.

Online booking portal

You can log in to book using your unique username and password. This is the same as you had for your previous doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Go to the online booking portal

You can rearrange your appointment if the time or day doesn’t suit you.

Find out more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine to help protect you from serious illness this spring on NHS Inform.