Training Practice

Foundation Year 2 Doctors

Caldergreen Medical Practice is a recognised training practice for Foundation Year 2 Doctors. FY2 Doctors are fully qualified Doctors who have spent at least the last year rotating through different hospital specialties.

It is very important that junior doctors experience General Practice, and we hope that some of them choose to become GPs! They will spend 4 months with us before rotating to another specialty. They are closely supervised by the GPs.

Dr Emer Cunningham will be with us from December 2023 until August 2024.

GP Registrars

We are delighted to announce that Caldergreen Medical Practice has been accredited by NHS Education for Scotland as a GP Registrar training practice. From August 2023, our first GP Specialty Trainee will join the Caldergreen team.

GP trainees (often called GP Registrars) are junior doctors who have decided to pursue a career in General Practice. At the very least, they have completed 2 years of post-graduate training rotating through various specialties.

GP specialty training is a 3 year programme. In their first year of training (ST1), trainees spend 6 months with the practice. Registrars have an allocated Educational Supervisor who oversees their training, but all clinicians in the practice will be involved in their education. The second year of training (ST2) is spent mainly in hospital specialties, and then the trainee returns to us for a full 12 months in their final year of training (ST3).

During their training, GP Registrars have to pass two examinations as well as completing mandatory work for their portfolio, which is reviewed by their Educational Supervisor. Patients play a significant role in the training of new GPs, and you may be asked to allow your consultation to be observed or recorded so that they can improve the consultation skills.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to ensure sustainability and continuity of NHS Primary Care by training the GPs of the future.

Dr Emmett McLaughlin will be with us from August until February 2024.

Medical Students

Huntergreen Medical Practice had been a medical student trenching practice for almost 20 years. The new Caldergreen Medical Practice will continue this relationship with the University of Glasgow School of Medicine. All the team are involved in teaching students, however, Drs Cruickshank, Currie, Kirkwood and Senior are recognised clinical and educational supervisors affiliated to the University of Glasgow.

If a healthcare professional has a medical student with them, you will always be informed when booking your appointment. Students are bound by the same confidentiality clause as all practice staff. We would, therefore, encourage you to allow them to remain in your consultation as medical students love meeting and talking to patients and it is an excellent way for them to learn. However, if you do not want them to be in your consultation, either notify the receptionist when you book your appointment, or tell the clinician when you arrive. Be rest assured that the medical student nor clinician will be offended.

As with all NHS healthcare staff, medical students are bound by patient confidentiality.