Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP’s)

What is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner?

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is a highly experienced nurse who has undertaken a Masters level qualification to be able to clinically assess and treat patients.

What can an ANP do?

  • Perform a clinical assessment and take a comprehensive history
  • Diagnose, prescribe and treat patients appropriately
  • Request further diagnostic tests and investigations and refer appropriately
  • Formulate an action plan for the treatment of the patient

Why am I seeing an ANP when I have asked for an appointment with a GP?

Our reception team are trained and empowered by the GP Partners to direct patients to the most appropriate clinician or service. They will listen to patients concerns and symptoms and advise the most appropriate avenue. We have a nationwide shortage of GPs resulting in more demand for GPs than availability. ANPs have been introduced by the NHS with additional responsibility allocated to Pharmacists to maximise accessibility to healthcare for patients. ANPs undertake an additional degree to qualify to assess and treat patients. If you have an appointment with an ANP and it falls out with their scope of practice, we have GPs on site for the ANPs to consult however this is not normally needed.

Who are the ANP’s?

Our GP Partners have recruited our ANPs and utilise their full scope of practice at our surgery

ANP Lyndsey Loughrey

ANP Catherine McMullan

ANP Liam McHugh

We operate an on the day appointment system and utilise our ANPs to their full capabilities. If you are allocated an appointment with an ANP, you will experience the same clinical assessment as you would from a GP. Refusing to see an ANP does not mean you will be allocated an appointment with a GP. ANPs are working in the healthcare system across the nation, working alongside GP and in Secondary Care to help support the increasing pressures on GPs and the NHS. We thank you for your support.